The puppies were born on April 03 !
10 boys and 4 girls

All puppies with ridge,
no kinked tails, no DS, no DM and JME - both parens tested

reservation is open!

In cooperation with Estonian kennel AMANTE  DELSOLE   we offers Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies

Puppies will be vaccinated by age, chip, veterinary passport, contract, FCI pedigree, delivery if necessary

We are pleased to announce that a graduate of our kennel JATA KIMBERLY ANIRI ABIMBOLA  become a mother!

She lives in Tallinn, Estonia. Champion of the breed, candidate for international champions and champions in working qualities, winner of the breed. Passed the health check - completely healthy.

The father of the puppies is a wonderful representative of the Swedish kennel  - Ave Caesar Great Galaxy

*Nash*, champion of the breed, champion in working qualities, health check - completely healthy.

More info later

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